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Brief introduction

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Nanjing HuanRong Industrial Co., Ltd.specializes in the research, development, application and production of organosilicon materials. Headquartered in the city of Nanjing, our company has kept an enduring development pace since its establishment in 2008, by recruiting a lot of organosilicon engineers, building up cooperation relationship with two well-known universities in China, establishing an organosilicon development and application laboratory, and setting up multi-functional production workshops and many pilot production devices.

HuanRong has been implementing the upstream and downstream integration development strategy. We spare no efforts to build an organosilicon enterprise equipped with leading domestic technical force, and own a group of advantageous products in the market segment. The business scope ranges from upstream metal silicon powder processing to organosilicon monomer, organosilicon intermediate and downstream silicone oil, silicone rubber, emulsion, fumed silica, sealant and silane coupling agent, forming a relatively complete industrial chain.

HuanRong also has its own Sales Department and Import and Export Department to implement its product-diversified development strategy. Making use of our own accumulated resources in chemical development and production, customer and supplier relationship, our business scope extends from single silicone products to a wide range of chemicals and raw materials, widely used in cosmetics, coatings, construction and building, steel and metallurgy, etc. industries. Domestically, we have established long-term commissioned processing and production relations with a large quantity of manufacturers and R&D organizations.

HuanRong follows the principle of sustainable development to carry out business. After years of hard work, we have established stable and friendly business contacts with nearly 100 well-known European and American companies, of which 18 are among the globe top 100 chemical companies. We have our own exclusive sales agent in North America – FCI USA INC, which not only facilitates customer procuring, but also enables us to form better insights regarding our local customers and directly and quickly assist our customers in solving various product issues. At the same time, FCI has established a complete warehousing and logistics network in the North America, which can store goods for customers at the nearest locations to the customer's production base, so that our goods can be delivered to the customer at any time.

  • Mission

    In order to equip our customers with a competitive edge in a globalized market, we can provide the products with highest quality and stable supply, while providing competitive prices, technical service and excellent after-sales service. Our efforts to continuously improving product quality and after-sales service have been widely recognized by our customers.

  • Quality policy

    As a technology and service-driven supplier, Huanrong International always provides customers with high-quality products to ensure timely delivery of goods and high-quality overall service, in order to meet or even exceed customer requirements and expectations. Huanrong International is committed to implementing, maintaining and strengthening our quality management system. We have established quality objectives to address risks and opportunities and keep them under review. Providing the highest quality of service is always the firm goal of Huanrong International.