Coating and Paints

Pigments and dyes add color to our world. We supply a variety of natural and synthetic dyes and pigments, including iron oxide pigments, chromium oxide pigments, titanium dioxide, optical brighteners and acid and base dyes. Our company also provides raw materials such as processing additives and intermediates for production of dyestuff raw materials. On the other hand, coating is a kind of covering applied to the surface of a substrate. In many cases, coatings are used to improve the surface properties of substrates, such as appearance, adhesion, corrosion resistance, wear resistance and scratch resistance. We supply a large number of raw materials for the paint industry, such as performance additives, waterproof agents and dehydrants, coupling agents, resins, polymers such as polyethylene, ethyl acetate, melamine resin, PTSI and flame retardants such as antimony trioxide, TCPP, etc.

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