Oilfields and refining

Petrochemical products are among the most important building blocks for modern industry, as well as an important part of the process of oil recovery, distillation and refining. Converting into useful petrochemical products requires a variety of intermediate chemicals and raw materials. We supply many of these materials, ranging from surfactant required for ground extraction to actual finished petrochemical products- for use in other industries and applications. In the extraction stage, we can supply injecting chemicals such as barium sulfide, detergents, polyanionic cellulose (PAC) for petroleum exploitation. In the intermediate stage, we can provide chemicals such as styrene, benzene and acrylic acids. At the refinery level, we can supply basic petrochemicals, such as petroleum solvents, alcohols, ethers and esters, lubricants, paraffins, petroleum asphalt and petroleum coke. Finally, in post-refining, we can supply synthetic resin, synthetic plastics and synthetic rubber.

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